Project Description

Digital security dashboard


Redesign the Kasada Polyform product dashboard.

The original dashboard had been designed with a limited scope in mind and after a year of development and features needed a functional update.

The final result had to allow users to view statistics and configure a potentially infinite list of protected assets. Finally, users needed to be able to view incoming threats to their system.

The project was completed after several weeks of iterations and exploring multiple different designs and layouts.

Target Audience

Cyber security professionals

  • Age 25-55
  • Moderate technical experience
  • Has been in the role for about a year now
  • Has some experience with¬†dashboards and configuration tools
  • Part of a security team

Back-end Engineer

  • Age 22 – 36
  • High technical experience
  • Working with a small to medium enterprise
  • Has little experience with security tools
  • Is learning cyber security on the job


  • Review user interview notes performed by the Business Analysis team
  • Define a concise list of requirements and review with product leader
  • Abstract requirements into menu items and configurations
  • Create paper prototypes to define dashboard pages and sections
  • Create wireframes based off paper prototypes. Test with team using Invision
  • Through feedback from wireframe test, refine wireframes.
  • Create high fidelity designs of the refined dashboards
  • Test high-fidelity designs through Invision and JustInMind
  • Create developer hand-off documentation for developers to build from