Project Description

Document template


Designing a document template for Kasada documents

The Kasada team required a document template that could be used for customer facing documentation and contracts.

The template was required to suit the following purposes:

  • Proof of concept documentation
  • Product information
  • Technical specifications
  • Sales documentation

The template had to match the style and theme of Kasada’s core branding and emphasise their core prinicples:

  • Security
  • Usability
  • Innovation

Target Audience

Cyber security start-up

  • Small team
  • Australian based
  • Young IT professionals
  • Core values
    • Security
    • Usability
    • Innovation
  • Cultural ties to mountain as a symbol of strength


  • Research was conducted into styles and designs for similar documents
  • Initial themes and styles were defined and tested with placeholder content
  • Copy and content was sourced for the first document to be produced with the template
  • Initial styles were refined around the copy and content
  • Second draft was presented to the team for review and feedback
  • Initial feedback was refined into the shown examples