Project Description

Logo concepts


Designing a pictographic logo for Kasada

The Kasada team wished to support thier typographic logo with a symbol that represented the company.

This symbol needed to be able to stand on its own and work with the existing typographic logo, both inline and above/below.

The images above represent a small sample of logo iterations produced over the course of 6 months of iterations. These iterations were produced between other critical tasks.

Target Audience

Cyber security start-up

  • Small team
  • Australian based
  • Young IT professionals
  • Core values
    • Security
    • Usability
    • Innovation
  • Cultural ties to mountain as a symbol of strength


  • Create a mood board of symbols & iconography previously used by the company
  • Begin with a set of initial designs based around obvious symbols and shapes to establish team preferences and tastes
  • Initial round of reviews and feedback as a team
  • Refined designs produced based on initial feedback
  • Second round of designs shown for feedback
  • Distilling feedback from both rounds into preferred shapes & symbols
  • Above designs produced as a refinement of feedback from the first two rounds