Project Description

T-shirt for convention


Create a ‘Fun’ t-shirt for a cyber-security convention

The shirt had the following requirements:

  • “Not boring, something fun”
  • To be worn on the 2nd or 3rd day of the convention after critical client meetings
  • Attention seeking
  • Playful, some kind of joke or pun that security experts would chuckle at

Target Audience

Cyber security professionals

  • Age 25-55
  • Moderate technical experience
  • Has been in the role for about a year now
  • HasĀ been forced to attend a convention to source new technology for their company
  • Probably is very bored by day 3


  • Initial brainstorming session lead to the concept of a honeypot being used
  • Art was initially adapted from a previous in-house design
  • Artwork was refined and simplified
  • Pun brain-storming session
  • Font styles experimented with
  • Final draft placed into an example template as shown above