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T-shirt for convention

T-shirt for convention Task Create a 'Fun' t-shirt for a cyber-security convention The shirt had the following requirements: "Not boring, something fun" To be worn on the 2nd or 3rd day of the convention after critical client meetings Attention seeking Playful, some kind of joke or pun that security [...]

Document template

Document template Task Designing a document template for Kasada documents The Kasada team required a document template that could be used for customer facing documentation and contracts. The template was required to suit the following purposes: Proof of concept documentation Product information Technical specifications Sales documentation The template [...]

Logo concepts

Logo concepts Task Designing a pictographic logo for Kasada The Kasada team wished to support thier typographic logo with a symbol that represented the company. This symbol needed to be able to stand on its own and work with the existing typographic logo, both inline and above/below. [...]